Environmental Assessment Approval for PENNVEST Funding Consideration

[49 Pa.B. 3027]
[Saturday, June 8, 2019]

Scope: Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Projects for July 17, 2019, Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) Board Meeting Consideration

Description: PENNVEST, which administers the Commonwealth's Clean Water Fund (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (DWSRF), is intended to be the funding source for the following projects. The Department of Environmental Protection's (Department) review of these projects, and the information received in the Environmental Report for these projects, has not identified any significant, adverse environmental impact resulting from any of the proposed projects. The Department hereby approves the Environmental Assessment for each project. If no significant comments are received during this comment period, the Environmental Assessment will be considered approved and funding for the project will be considered by PENNVEST.

 To be considered, the Department must receive comments on this approval on or by July 8, 2019. Electronic comments should be submitted using the Department's eComment site at Written comments can be submitted by e-mail to or by mail to the Policy Office, Department of Environmental Protection, Rachel Carson State Office Building, P.O. Box 2063, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2063. Use ''PENNVEST SRF-Environmental Assessment'' as the subject line in written communication.

 For more information about the approval of the following Environmental Assessments or the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Programs contact Richard Wright at or the Bureau of Clean Water, Department of Environmental Protection, P.O. Box 8774, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8774, (717) 772-4059, or visit the Department's web site at

 Any comments received during the comment period, along with the Department's comment and response document will be available on the Department's web site at

 Upon their approval the full list of approved projects and their costs can be found in a press release on PENNVEST's web site at


CWSRF Projects Being Considered:

Applicant: Forest Hills Municipal Authority
County: Cambria
Applicant Address: 900 Locust Street
Saint Michael, PA 15951

Project Description: This is a sanitary sewer project within Adams Township, Cambria County. The Forest Hills Municipal Authority (FHMA) South of Salix Sanitary Sewer Extension Project is anticipated to install approximately 23,000 linear feet of gravity fed sanitary collection line, 200 linear feet of low-pressure sanitary line, approximately 1,900 linear feet of force main, 93 manholes, 8 cleanouts, 3 grinder pumps, and corresponding appurtenances along portions of Peaceful Valley Road, Krayn Road, Old Luther Street, Beech Street, Hemlock Street and Oak Street. In addition, the proposed project includes the construction of a pump station and an associated electrical upgrade necessary to pump sewage from the new collection system to the existing gravity system in Salix. Flows from the project are then anticipated to be transported and treated by the FHMA South Fork Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant which has a design capacity of approximately 1.2 million gallons per day (mgd). Based on historic average daily flows received at the plant, there is more than enough reserve capacity available to accommodate additional flows upon project completion.

Problem Description: Adams Township residents in the Luther/Salix Airport development area and along a portion of Peaceful Valley Road currently do not have access to public sewer service and rely on onlot systems for sewer treatment. A number of these onlot systems have started to show signs of failure and are increasingly becoming an environmental and public health concern. In order to address this issue, the FHMA has planned to extend the municipal sanitary sewer collection system from Salix to the Salix Airport development and a portion of Peaceful Valley Road. The proposed project is anticipated to provide 145 residential homes access to public sanitary sewer service, thus eliminating the requisite use of onlot systems within the project area.


Applicant: Connellsville Municipal Authority
County: Fayette
Applicant Address: P.O. Box 925
Connellsville, PA 15425

Project Description: This is a wastewater improvements project to increase capacity and eliminate combined sewer overflows (CSO). The proposed project will expand the existing hydraulic capacity of the wastewater treatment plant from 3.24 mgd to 4.4 mgd; expand the peak hydraulic capacity from 7.0 mgd to 24.0 mgd; reduce the quantity and frequency of CSO discharges to less than 85%; add one new pump station along Connell Run; and upgrade the existing West Side Pump Station along with new forcemains and interceptors.

Problem Description: The Connellsville Municipal Authority (CMA) has 19 CSOs that discharge during wet weather to the Youghiogheny River. These CSOs impact a public beach and are also upstream of a public water supply drinking water intake. The CMA must construct additional treatment facilities to be in compliance with the presumptive approach as listed in section of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP). This project will meet the objective of the LTCP by addressing three specific areas: 1—No more than four CSOs in any given year; 2—The elimination or capture, or both, of no less than 85% by volume of the combined sewage collected in the sewage system during precipitation events; and 3—The elimination and/or removal of the pollutants identified as causing water quality impairment.


Applicant: Jamestown Municipal Authority
County: Mercer
Applicant Address: 414 Spring Street
Jamestown, PA 16134

Project Description: This is a wastewater improvements project for the replacement of the Liberty Street Pump Station, as well as upgrades to the Jamestown Water Pollution Control Plant. The upgrades include replacement of the influent interceptor sewer, a new mechanical bar screen and channel, a new influent pump station, improvements to the aeration tanks, addition of four new clarifiers, making repairs to the existing clarifiers, replacement of the disinfection system with ultraviolet, removal of existing sludge holding tank and replacement with two new sludge holding tanks with increased capacity.

Problem Description: The Borough of Jamestown is being proactive in addressing aged process equipment at both the Jamestown Municipal Authority Water Pollution Control Plant and the Liberty Street Pump Station.


Applicant: New Castle Sanitation Authority
County: Lawrence
Applicant Address: 102 East Washington Street
New Castle, PA 16101

Project Description: This is a new headworks and wet weather treatment facility project. The new headworks will consist of two new mechanical bar screens with the existing being abandoned, the two aerated grit chamberswill be abandoned, two new vortex grit chambers, one new aeration tank will be added to the existing six tanks, a new final clarifier will be added to the existing six, and the four primary clarifiers and chlorine contact tank will remain as is for Phase I. A wet weather Biologically Enhanced High Rate Clarification facility will be constructed for excess flow.

Problem Description: This project is part of a Consent Order and Agreement from the Department to eliminate secondary bypassing of flows as well as general upgrades. This project provides the elimination of wet weather bypasses of blended sewage to the waters of this Commonwealth.


Applicant: Upper Augusta Township
County: Northumberland
Applicant Address: 2087 Snydertown Road
Sunbury, PA 17801

Project Description: This is a sanitary sewer replacement and extension project to convey domestic wastewater from the village of Mount Pleasant to the Sunbury Municipal Authority's (SMA) collection system for disposal at the SMA wastewater treatment facility. The project is being undertaken to eliminate 46 residential septic tanks and the existing Mount Pleasant wastewater treatment plant, which has consistently failed to achieve compliance with discharge limits. The Borough plans to construct a new sanitary sewage pumping station, a booster pump station, and a total of 14,500 linear feet of sewage pipeline. The Borough will also decommission 46 septic tanks.

Problem Description: The existing Mount Pleasant wastewater treatment facility discharges treated sewage effluent to an unnamed tributary to the Susquehanna River. As currently configured, this treatment facility is unable to consistently meet effluent limitations for ammonia-nitrogen. Under a Consent Order and Agreement, Upper Augusta Township agreed to initiate corrective action to comply with effluent limits. Eliminating the 46 residential septic tanks is expected to improve public health by eliminating the risk that these tanks could fail. Eliminating the non-compliant wastewater treatment facility will provide environmental benefits by reducing nitrogen loading to the Susquehanna River.


Applicant: Westfield Borough
County: Tioga
Applicant Address: 1488 Broughton Hollow Road
Westfield, PA 16950

Project Description: This is a wastewater treatment plant upgrade project. The upgrades include a new influent pump station, a mechanically cleaned influent screen, a bypass bar screen, an aerated grit removal system, an oxidation ditch, two secondary clarifiers, two sludge digestion tanks, a chemical feed system and a new chlorine disinfection system.

Problem Description: The Westfield Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant receives over two times more wastewater than it was designed to handle. As a result, the plant's discharge chronically violates ammonia-nitrogen limits. Under a Consent Order and Agreement, the Borough is obligated to upgrade and increase the capacity of its wastewater treatment facility to comply with effluent limits. Effluent from the upgraded wastewater treatment facility is expected to comply with regulatory limits. This will provide environmental benefits by reducing pollutant loads to the Cowanesque River.


DWSRF Projects Being Considered:

Applicant: Bradford City Water Authority
County: McKean
Applicant Address: 28 Kennedy Street
Bradford, PA 16701

Project Description: Bradford City Water Authority proposes installation of approximately 34,200 linear feet of 24-inch diameter water transmission main from the water treatment plant to Reservoir # 4. Installation will also include functioning shutoff valves, hydrants and services.

Problem Description: The existing 24-inch diameter finished water transmission main from the water treatment plant to Reservoir # 4 had a catastrophic break resulting in a water outage which took several weeks to complete repairs and restore service and resume normal operations. Installation of the new 24-inch diameter waterline will provide redundant facilities and allow the existing main to serve in a reserve manner.


Applicant: Municipal Authority of the City of Corry
County: Erie
Applicant Address: 100 South Center Street
Corry, PA 16407

Project Description: The Municipal Authority of the City of Corry proposes construction of a new garage/chlorination water treatment building off of Sciota Road. Construction activities also include the construction of a new 2.9-million-gallon (mg) finished water storage tank or two 1.45 mg each finished water storage tanks to replace the existing 3.0 mg finished water storage reservoir. Replacement of two existing in-ground booster pump stations located at Center Street and Union Street with new above ground pump stations is also proposed.

Problem Description: The existing water treatment building is uninhabitable due to structural issues, roof collapse and mold. The new building will provide a secure location for the relocation of the liquid chlorination system, instrumentation, an office for personnel and garage space for equipment maintenance. The existing water storage reservoir is over 90 years old and experiences leakage, has corroded steel roof supports which allow air borne debris to enter and the existing valves are inoperable. Also, the existing reservoir is at the end of the runway at the Corry Regional Airport, directly in the flight path; therefore, the Federal Aviation Administration has requested the reservoir be relocated outside of the airport runway flight path. The new tanks, one 2.9 mg or two 1.45 mg, bid dependent, will address all existing deficiencies. The existing storage reservoir will be demolished following tanks construction. The existing boosterstations, consisting of manholes, are equipped with only one pump per station and do not have standby power, are unsafe and unreliable. Each new booster station will be housed in a building equipped with two pumps for redundancy plus a jockey pump and standby electric generator.


Applicant: Indiana County Municipal Services Authority
County: Indiana
Applicant Address: 602 Kolter Drive
Indiana, PA 15701

Project Description: The Indiana County Municipal Services Authority has proposed construction of a new water treatment plant that will serve Plumville Borough; installation of new waterlines to interconnect the Plumville Water System and the Crooked Creek Water System; installation of new waterlines to service Grove Chapel and the Village of Home up to the Borough of Marion Center; installation of a water storage tank near Marion Center; installation of a waterline to service the Spirit Life drug addiction treatment center; and install a new pressure reducing vault. In total, there will be approximately 110,050 linear feet of new waterline installed.

Problem Description: The Marion Center area has no public water and minimal fire protection. The Marion Center High School operates its own treatment system that is antiquated and has lead, copper and bacteria issues. A random sampling showed 41% of the properties tested positive for bacterial contamination in the form of total coliforms. The Spirit Life Area, which includes a drug rehabilitation facility, experiences poor/low water quality. The current Plumville water treatment plant consists of a well that is chlorinated by sodium hypochlorite and provides no treatment for secondary contaminants. Recent raw water quality testing shows an upward trend in iron and manganese levels in the well. This project proposes the addition of a greensand filtration system for iron and manganese removal.


Applicant: State College Borough Water Authority
County: Centre
Applicant Address: 1201 West Branch Road
State College, PA 16801

Project Description: State College Borough Water Authority (SCBWA) proposes to construct a new membrane filter water treatment plant and related appurtenances. The proposal will consist of the replacement of the well pumps in the Nixon and Kocher Wells and the construction of a new treatment plant, including chemical addition, ultraviolet disinfection, membrane/granular activated carbon filtration and 4-log inactivation of viruses.

Problem Description: The project intends to allow for system redundancy to address potential concerns related to the effect of prolonged droughts and emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupters, various synthetic and organic compounds. Although the existing well fields are currently meeting all applicable regulations, SCBWA is taking a proactive approach to address the possibility that in the future the sources may be considered groundwater under the direct influence of surface water.

Department of Environmental Protection

Executive Director
Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority

[Pa.B. Doc. No. 19-880. Filed for public inspection June 7, 2019, 9:00 a.m.]

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