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   The Department of Environmental Protection has taken the following actions on previously received Dam Safety and Encroachment permit applications, requests for Environmental Assessment approval, and requests for Water Quality Certification under section 401 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C.A. § 1341(a)).

   Persons aggrieved by this action may appeal, under section 4 of the Environmental Hearing Board Act (35 P. S. § 7514) and 2 Pa.C.S. §§ 501--508 and 701--704 (relating to the Administrative Agency Law), to the Environmental Hearing Board, 400 Market Street, Floor 2, P. O. Box 8457, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8457, (717) 787-3483. TDD users may contact the Board through the Pennsylvania Relay Service, 1 (800) 654-5984. Appeals must be filed with the Environmental Hearing Board within 30 days of receipt of written notice of this action unless the appropriate statute provides a different time period. Copies of the appeal form and the Board's rules of practice and procedure may be obtained from the Board at (717) 787-3483. This paragraph does not, in and of itself, create any right of appeal beyond that permitted by applicable statutes and decisional law.

Actions on applications filed under the Dam Safety and Encroachments Act (32 P. S. §§ 693.1--693.27) and section 302 of the Flood Plain Management Act (32 P. S. § 679.302) and sections 5 and 402 of The Clean Streams Law (35 P. S. §§ 691.5 and 691.402) and notice of final action for certification under section 401 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C.A. § 1341(a)). (Note: Permits issued for Small Projects do not include 401 Certification, unless specifically stated in the description).

   Northcentral Region, Water Management--Soils and Waterways, F. Alan Sever, Chief, 208 West Third St., Williamsport, PA 17701.

   E18-242.  Encroachment. Pa. DCNR, P. O. Box 8451, Harrisburg, PA 17105-0320. To remove an existing structure and to construct, operate and maintain a single cell reinforced concrete box culvert to carry Cooks Run Road across Rock Run. The box culvert shall be constructed with a clear span of 20.2 feet, minimum underclearance of 5.0 feet and a curb to curb width 20.1 feet. The project is located along the northern right-of-way of SR 0120 approximately 5.6 miles north of the intersection of Cooks Run Road and SR 0120 (Keating, PA Quadrangle N: 11.2 inches; W: 10.0 inches) in East Keating Township, Clinton County.

   E41-415.  Encroachment. Lewis Township Supervisors, P. O. Box 118, Trout Run, PA 17771. To modify and maintain a stone storage area in a floodway of Lycoming Creek located next to Mill Street just downstream of the confluence of Trout Run with Lycoming Creek (Trout Run, PA Quadrangle N: 1.4 inches; W: 7.5 inches) in Lewis Township, Lycoming County. This permit was issued under section 105.13(e) ''Small Projects.''

   E41-420.  Encroachment. Balls Mills Soccer Club, LTD., 1211 Walnut St., Williamsport, PA 17701. To regrade approximately 18 acres for the construct and maintain of a recreational soccer complex including parking lots and four soccer fields in the floodway of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River located on Sylvan Dell Road approximately 0.9 mile east of the western township boundary (Montoursville South, PA Quadrangle N: 20.8 inches; W: 12.7 inches) in Armstrong Township, Lycoming County. This permit was issued under section 105.13(e) ''Small Projects.'' This permit also includes 401 Water Quality Certification.

   E53-301.  Encroachment. DCNR, Bureau of Forestry, P. O. Box 8451, Harrisburg, PA 17105. To place three existing culverts within the Right Branch of Big Nelson Run and to remove flood debris at two sites between the culvert location. The replacement culvert sizes are 1) Site 1-48 inch diameter × 40 foot long CMP; 2) Site 2-87 inch × 63 inch corrugated steel arch culvert × 38 foot long; 3) Site 3-72 inch CMP × 38 foot long. The project's first culvert is located along Big Nelson Run Road (T-300) approximately 2 miles from Route 872. The second and third culverts are approximately 0.5 and 2.5 miles upstream from culvert number one (Conrad, PA Quadrangle N: 15.8 inches; W: 15.4 inches) in Sylvania Township, Potter County.

   E60-110.  Encroachment. Buffalo Township Municipal, Sewer Authority, P. O. Box 85, Vicksburg, PA 17883. To construct and maintain a waste water pumping station in the 100-year floodplain and along the left bank of Buffalo Creek on the west side of SR 1001 adjacent to the bridge over Buffalo Creek located approximately 1,300 feet northwest of the intersection of SR 1001 and T-377 (Lewisburg, PA Quadrangle N: 18.5 inches; W: 14.42 inches) in Buffalo Township, Union County. This may not have been published as an action from Central Office. Permit issued September 21, 1993. This permit was issued under section 105.13(e) ''Small Projects.''

   E14-317.  Encroachment. Pa. Dept. of Transportation, 1924-30 Daisy St., Clearfield, PA 16830. To remove the existing structure and to construct and maintain a precast, post tensioned, single cell box culvert depressed 1 foot below the streambed with a clear span of approximately 20 feet on a left skew of 45 degrees and a underclearance of 5 feet. The project is located on PA 504 over Black Bear Run approximately 18 miles west of the intersection of routes PA 504 and US 220 (Philipsburg, PA Quadrangle N: 4.7 inches; W: 3.95 inches) in Rush Township, Centre County. Estimated stream disturbance is approximately 70 feet with no wetland impacts; stream classification is Exceptional Value. This permit was issued under section 105.13(e) ''Small Projects.'' This permit also includes 401 Water Quality Certification.

   E41-416.  Encroachment. Loyalsock Township Supervisors, 2501 E. Third St., Williamsport, PA 17701. To construct and maintain a 48 inch diameter by 1,200 feet long polyethylene pipe enclosure with metallic coated steel end section and trash rack in Liberty Run located along T-575 approximately 2,000 feet north of the intersection of Lycoming Creek Road (Old Route 15) with T-575 (Cogan Station, PA Quadrangle N: 4.0 inches; W: 6.2 inches in Loyalsock Township, Lycoming County.

   E41-417.  Encroachment. Washington Township Supervisors, R. R. 1, Allenwood, PA 17810. To remove the existing bridge and to construct and maintain a 48-inch diameter and 60-inch diameter corrugated metal pipe with a 75° skew with the associated R-7 riprap bank in an unnamed tributary of Spring Creek located 500 feet north on a private drive from SR 2001 (Montoursville South, PA Quadrangle N: 8.02 inches; W: 14.39 inches) in Washington Township, Lycoming County. This permit was issued under § 105.13(e) ''Small Projects.'' This permit also includes 401 Water Quality Certification.

   E49-210.  Encroachment. Bassett Campground, R. R. 1, Box 300, Sunbury, PA 17801. To maintain: 21 open pole pavilions and a shed in the left floodway of the Susquehanna River, plus 22 nonstreet legal trailers/campers, 3 storage sheds and 2 open pavilions in the left floodway of Gravel Run located at the confluence of the Susquehanna River and Gravel Run (Riverside, PA Quadrangle N: 8.0 inches; W: 13.0 inches) in Upper Augusta Township, Northumberland County. This permit was issued under section 105.13(e) ''Small Projects. ''

   E49-215.  Encroachment. F B Leopold Co., Inc., 227 S. Division St., Zelienople, PA 16063-1313. To repair and maintain a railroad bridge with a span of 10.6 feet and underclearance of 2.4 feet across Spring Run located just downstream of Matthews St. and 700 feet north of Eight St. (Milton, PA Quadrangle N: 16.5 inches; W: 16.0 inches) in the Borough of Watsontown, Northumberland County. This permit was issued under section 105.13(e) ''Small Projects.'' This permit also includes 401 Water Quality Certification.

   Southeast Regional Office, Program Manager, Water Management Program, Lee Park, Suite 6010, 555 North Lane, Conshohocken, PA 19428.

   E51-163.  Encroachment Permit. Fairmount Park Commission, Memorial Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19131. To improve Pennypack Park facilities by performing the following activities: 1)  To construct softball and soccer fields by placing fill in the 100 year floodplain of the Delaware River (WWF/MF) and create 0.64 acre of replacement wetlands (PEM). 2)  To maintain a 15-inch stormwater outfall structure and headwall along the existing bulkhead of the Delaware River. These activities are located in Pennypack Park situated 2,000 feet southwest from the confluence of Pennypack Creek and the Delaware River (Frankford, PA Quadrangle N: 5.0 inches; W: 1.7 inches) in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County.

   Southwest Regional Office, Soils and Waterways Section, 400 Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4745.

   E02-1213.  Encroachment. Edsel W. and Harriet Burkholder, 510 Liggett Avenue, Monongahela, PA 15063. To construct and maintain a marina consisting of a walkway and a dock along the right bank and in the channel of the Monongahela River (WWF) for the purpose of providing docking space for boats. The project is located under the Monongahela City Bridge near River Mile 32.2 (Monongahela, PA Quadrangle N: 13.6 inches; W: 5.65 inches) in Forward Township, Allegheny County.

   E02-1080-A1.  Encroachment. Harrison Township, P. O. Box 376, Natrona Heights, PA 15065-0376. To amend Permit E02-1080 which permitted the placement and maintenance of rip-rap bank and outfall protection along the left and right banks of Little Bull Creek (TSF), to dredge and maintain the channel of said stream and to relocate a portion of side stream for the purpose of restoring approximately 3,000 linear feet of said stream located approximately 4,000 feet south of the intersection of Route 28 and Saxonburg Road (Freeport, PA Quadrangle N: 3.2 inches; W: 13.2 inches) in Harrison Township, Allegheny County to revise the plans and cross sections for the removal of gravel bars and bank stabilization from station 1+65 to station 5+71 as shown on the plans received by the Department on January 26, 1998.

   Northeast Regional Office, Regional Soils and Waterways Section, 2 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0790, (717) 826-5485.

   E13-107.  Encroachment. Jim Thorpe Municipal Authority, 101 East Tenth Street, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229. To remove the existing structure and to construct and maintain a 24-foot × 6-foot concrete box culvert, depressed 0.5 foot below stream bed elevation, in Mauch Chunk Creek. The project is associated with the Jim Thorpe West Side Water Filtration Plant and is located on the north side of S. R. 3012 approximately 0.8 mile east of the intersection of S. R. 3014 and S. R. 3012 (Nesquehoning, PA Quadrangle N: 19.3 inches; W: 2.0 inches) in Jim Thorpe Borough, Carbon County.

   E40-476.  Encroachment. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 4-0, P. O. Box 111, Scranton, PA 18501. To maintain a road crossing of Pikes Creek, consisting of two 83-inch by 57-inch corrugated metal pipe arch culverts, with one of the culverts depressed 3 inches below stream bed elevation. Construction of the road crossing was authorized by Emergency Permit No. EP4097404. The project is located on S. R. 1034, Section 350, Segment 0010, Offset 0132, approximately 1.1 miles north of the intersection of S. R. 0029 and S. R. 0118 (Harveys Lake, PA Quadrangle N: 13.1 inches; W: 13.8 inches), in Lake Township, Luzerne County.

   E40-483.  Encroachment. Rudy and Sharon Kranys, Box 402, R. R. 1, Harveys Lake, PA 18618. To remove the existing dock decking and to construct and maintain a dock, with a boathouse and gazebo, on existing pilings, in Harveys Lake. The structure, as proposed, has an overall width of approximately 54 feet and a total lake coverage of approximately 1,900 square feet, and extends approximately 49 feet from the shoreline. The project is located at Pole No. 25 (Harveys Lake, PA Quadrangle N: 20.2 inches; W: 4.6 inches), in Harveys Lake Borough, Luzerne County.

Environmental Assessment Approvals and Actions on 401 Certification

   Central Office: Bureau of Waterways Engineering, 400 Market Street, 6th Floor, P. O. Box 8554, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8554, (717) 787-8568.

   EA15-021C0.  Environmental Assessment. Terramics Management Company (1830 W. Swedesford Road, S. Point, Building 2, Berwyn, PA 19312). To construct and maintain a nonjurisdictional dam across a tributary to East Branch Chester Creek (TSF) for the purpose of stormwater management at Lot 21 of the Brandywine Industrial Park located approximately 550 feet southwest of the intersection of Airport Road and Ward Avenue (West Chester, PA Quadrangle N: 20.6 inches; W: 10.8 inches) in West Goshen Township, Chester County.


Public Notice

Plan Approval and Operating Permit Applications

Non-major Sources and Modifications

   The Department of Environmental Protection (Department) has developed an integrated plan approval, State operating permit and Title V operating permit program. This integrated approach is designed to make the permitting process more efficient for the Department, the regulated community and the public. This approach allows the owner or operator of a facility to complete and submit all the permitting documents relevant to its application one time, affords an opportunity for public input and provides for sequential issuance of the necessary permits.

   The Department has received applications for plan approvals and/or operating permits from the following facilities. Although the sources covered by these applications may be located at a major facility, the sources being installed or modified do not trigger major new source review or prevention of significant deterioration requirements.

   Copies of these applications, subsequently prepared draft permits, review summaries and other support materials are available for review in the Regional Offices identified in this notice. Persons interested in reviewing the application files should contact the appropriate regional office.

   Persons wishing to file protests or comments on the proposed plan approval and/or operating permits must submit the protest or comment within 30 days from the date of this notice. Interested persons may also request that a hearing be held concerning the proposed plan approval and operating permit. Any comments or protests filed with the Department's Regional Offices must include a concise statement of the objections to the issuance of the plan approval or operating permit and relevant facts which serve as the basis for the objections. If the Department schedules a hearing, a notice will be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin at least 30 days prior the date of the hearing.

   Final plan approvals and operating permits will contain terms and conditions to ensure that the source is constructed and operating in compliance with applicable requirements in 25 Pa. Code Chapters 121--143, the Federal Clean Air Act and regulations adopted under the act.

Settlement Under the
Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act

Industrial Solvents and Chemical Company

Newberry Township, York County

   The Department of Environmental Protection (Department), under the authority of the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act (HSCA) (35 P. S. §§ 6020.101--6020.1305), has entered into a proposed consent order and agreement (COA) with Flexographic Technology, Inc. (FlexTec) regarding the Department's costs incurred for conducting response activities at the Industrial Solvents and Chemical Company (ISCC) site. The ISCC site is a 9-acre parcel of land in Newberry Township, York County, adjacent to Interstate 83. The surrounding area is primarily rural, although residential, commercial and industrial developments are located within close vicinity of the site. A number of private residential wells have been contaminated by hazardous substances migrating from the ISCC site.

   ISCC was involved in the reprocessing of used solvents. Because of violations of hazardous waste requirements, the Department on July 6, 1989, terminated ISCC's authority to operate a hazardous waste treatment and storage facility. The site was abandoned in 1990 when ISCC declared bankruptcy. A total of 996 parties potentially responsible for the hazardous substances located at the ISCC site were identified by the Department.

   Because of the threat to human health and the environment posed by the ISCC site, the site was placed on the Pennsylvania Priority List for Remedial Response on October 26, 1991. The Department and a group of approximately 136 cooperating potentially responsible parties have conducted a number of interim actions at the site to address the release or threat of release of hazardous substances. To date, the Department has incurred costs of approximately $3.3 million to implement and/or oversee these interim actions. A final remedial action for the groundwater and soil at the ISCC site will be selected by the Department and implemented in the future.

   On February 3, 1998, the Department and FlexTec entered into the proposed consent order and agreement. Under the terms of the COA, FlexTec will pay the Department $750 to reimburse the Department for its response costs at the ISCC site.

   This notice is provided under section 1113 of HSCA (35 P. S. § 6020.1113). This section provides that the settlement will become final upon the filing of the Department's response to any significant written comments. The proposed consent order and agreement that contains the specific terms of the settlement is available for public review and comment. The proposed consent order and agreement can be examined from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Department's office at 909 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110, by contacting Barbara Faletti at (717) 705-4864. A public comment period on the proposed consent order and agreement will extend for 60 days from today's date. Persons may submit written comments regarding the proposed consent order and agreement to the Department by July 1, 1998, by submitting them to Barbara Faletti at the above address.

Act 101 Section 902

Recycling Grant Applications
Mechanical Processing Equipment

   The Department of Environmental Protection announces that the following municipalities and counties submitted recycling grant applications for mechanical processing equipment under section 902 of the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (53 P. S. §§ 4000.101--4000.1904). Questions concerning the applications may be directed to the applicants, the appropriate DEP Regional Planning and Recycling Coordinator, or Carl Hursh, Chief, Recycling and Markets, Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management, Division of Waste Minimization and Planning, P. O. Box 8472, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8472.

ApplicantProject TypeContactTelephone
Southeast Region
Caln Township
Chester County
Wood Recycling EquipmentDaniel C. Fox(610) 384-0600
Abington Township
Montgomery County
Mobile Yardwaste ShredderEd Micciolo(215) 884-5000
Northeast Region
Carbon CountyNewsprint Animal Bedding ChopperDuane Dellecker(717) 325-3671
Allentown City
Lehigh County
Compost Trommel ScreenBetsy Levin(610) 437-8729
Eldred Township
Monroe County
Wood Recycling EquipmentSylvia Gethen(610) 381-4252
Polk Township
Monroe County
Vertical Balers (2)Lee Everett(717) 836-2131
Stroud Township
Monroe County
Compost Shredder/GrinderLarry Sebring(717) 421-3362
Schuylkill CountyVertical BalerWayne Bowen(717) 628-1220
Southcentral Region
Exeter Township
Berks County
Wood Recycling EquipmentTroy Bingaman(610) 779-5660
Newville Borough
Cumberland County
Wood Recycling EquipmentFred Potzer(717) 776-7633
Franklin CountyYardwaste Tub GrinderRobert Meredith(717) 261-3855
East Earl Township
Lancaster County
Wood Recycling EquipmentGloria Hollinger(717) 354-0773
Eden Township
Lancaster County
Wood Recycling EquipmentScott Winters(717) 786-7915
East Cocalico Township
Lancaster County
Wood Recycling EquipmentKaren Koncle(717) 336-1720
Elizabeth Township
Lancaster County
Wood Recycling EquipmentGlenn Martin(717) 626-4302
West Earl Township
Lancaster County
Compost TurnerBarbara Smith(717) 859-3201
North Londonderry Twp.
Lebanon County
Wood Recycling EquipmentGordon Watts(717) 838-1373
Hellam Township
York County
Wood Recycling EquipmentStephen Beecher(717) 776-7633
Northcentral Region
Potter Township
Centre County
Wood Recycling EquipmentBudd Brooks(814) 364-9176
Centre CountyHarris-Selco Ram Balers (2), Hay BalerJoanne Shafer(814) 238-6649
Chest Township
Clearfield County
Newsprint Animal Bedding ChopperMichael Kunsman(814) 672-5337
Clinton CountyNewsprint Animal Bedding Chopper and Baling EquipmentMike Crist(717) 769-6977
Northumberland CountyWood Recycling EquipmentJean Taterus(717) 988-4371
Southwest Region
City of Clairton
Allegheny County
Wood Recycling EquipmentFrank Geletko(412) 233-8113
Monroeville Municipality
Allegheny County
Compost GrinderPhyllis Cranston(412) 856-3337
Quemahoning Township
Somerset County
Wood Recycling EquipmentSamuel Donia(814) 893-5025
Somerset Borough
Somerset County
Leaf Chipper/ShredderBen Vinzani, Jr.(814) 893-5025
Windber Borough
Somerset County
Wood Recycling EquipmentRichard Wargo(814) 467-9014
Charleroi Borough
Washington County
Wood Recycling EquipmentElaine Martinko(412) 483-6011
Northwest Region
Crawford CountyCompost TurnerEtienne Ozorak(814) 333-7320
Northeast Township
Erie County
Yardwaste Tub GrinderRoy Thompson(814) 725-8606
Tidioute Borough
Warren County
Magnetic SeparatorKen Lester(814) 484-7424

Small Water Systems Regionalization Grant Program

   The Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Technical Assistance Center for Small Water Systems is accepting applications under the Small Water Systems Regionalization Grant Program. This program provides grants to eligible applicants to assess the feasibility of the formation of a regionalized water system. The proposed regionalized water system must involve at least one small community water system (a system serving 3,300 people or fewer).

   Eligible applicants include any community water supplier, county, township, borough or authority whose jurisdiction includes the geographic territory of the proposed regionalized water systems, and to which a small water system has issued a letter of intent to develop a water systems regionalization study.

   Grant awards are limited to 75% of all approved project costs related to the water systems regionalization study or $75,000, whichever is less. The grantee must provide local share in the form of matching funds or in-kind services at a minimum of 25% of the total project costs.

   The application period runs from May 4--June 30, 1998. Based on the availability of funding, applicants that submit a final work plan and budget which are approved by DEP will be given preference to receive a grant based on a first-come, first-served basis.

   Parties interested in submitting an application are encouraged to meet with DEP staff to discuss the application and the grant process. The meeting should prove helpful in completing the application.

   To arrange a meeting or to obtain a grant application, contact Donna L. Green at the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Supply Management, Division of Technical Assistance and Outreach, Technical Assistance Center for Small Water Systems, P. O. Box 8467, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8467, (717) 787-0125 or Email

Public Notice of Proposed Cleanup Agreement

Allegheny Electronic Chemicals Company Site

Lewis Run Borough, McKean County

   Under section 1113 of the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act (35 P. S. § 6020.1113) the Department of Environmental Protection (Department) has entered into a cleanup agreement with Kerr-McGee Chemical LLC (Chem LLC) concerning the cleanup of the Allegheny Electronic Chemicals Company Site (site) located in Lewis Run Borough, McKean County, PA.

   In the past, wastes containing hazardous substances were disposed at the site and these substances have contaminated the environment at the site. The Department has investigated the site to partially characterize the nature and extent of hazardous substances there. Under the cleanup agreement, Chem LLC will conduct additional characterization activities set forth in the Department approved work plan. Specifically, Chem LLC will investigate the contents of containers, drums and piping within, and adjacent to, the manufacturing building, and determine if any unknown underground tanks exist at the site. Chem LLC also will further investigate the nature and extent of hazardous substances in soils and the sediments of ponds and wetland areas at the site. Finally, under the cleanup agreement, Chem LLC will remediate certain areas of the site, depending on the investigations at the site.

   The Department will receive and consider comments relating to the cleanup agreement for 60 days from the date of this public notice. The Department has the right to withdraw its consent to the cleanup agreement if the comments concerning the cleanup agreement disclose facts or considerations which indicate that the cleanup agreement is inappropriate, improper or not in the public interest. After the public comment period, the Department's settlement with Chem LLC shall become final upon the filing of the Department's response to significant written comments to the cleanup agreement.

   Copies of the cleanup agreement are available for inspection at the Department's office at 230 Chestnut Street, Meadville, PA. Comments may be submitted, in writing, to Charles L. Tordella, Project Manager, Department of Environmental Protection, Hazardous Sites Cleanup, 230 Chestnut Street, Meadville, PA 16335. Further information may be obtained by contacting Charles Tordella at (814) 332-6648. TDD users may contact the Department through the Pennsylvania Relay Service at (800) 645-5984.

[Pa.B. Doc. No. 98-679. Filed for public inspection May 1, 1998, 9:00 a.m.]

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